You'd think that in the middle of a pandemic, we'd have more than one irritating pet peeve.

Somehow, Zippia managed to figure out each state's biggest pet peeve, and Illinois' makes all the sense.

Not like I want to take you back to mid-March 2020, but do you remember what happened? Plenty probably comes to mind, but for me and most all other parents, it was around that time when Governor JB Pritzker shut down schools for the remainder of the year.

That meant kids were learning from home. Long story short, kids were home all day. Without the respite of school, kids and parents were around each other nonstop.

So when I see Zippia saying Illinois' biggest pet peeve is Badly Behaved Kids, as a Dad I get it. My kids are pretty well behaved but when things go wrong, they GO WRONG.

I hope you don't feel bad if you think Badly Behaved Kids are your biggest pet peever too. Texas, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, and a bunch of other states all said the same thing, misbehaving kids are the worst.

However, the majority of states surveyed said their biggest annoyance was Slow Internet and again, I get it. Everyone working from home in the past year with slow internet connections can be one of the most infuriating things ever.

Can you imagine a slow internet connection and badly behaved kids at the same time? Yikes.

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