All month long you can see movies for just five bucks here in Rockford.


There's a catch!

Ahhh... OK. I kind of wondered how it could be so cheap. Didn't you?

Fox32 reports that ACM theatres are offering a $5 ticket deal for it's customers, but you can only see these $5 flicks on Tuesday this month of October.

Plus, oh yes there's more attached to this deal, you must be an ACM Stubs Member.

Their program is free to join and you can get other great perks being a member: things like "free refills on the large popcorn and earn reward points" for other prizes through the movie chain.

Well we knew it was almost too good to be true, but joining a free program isn't that bad.

So now your Tuesday's can be known as "Talkie Tuesday's" Hahaha! That's what they used to call movies back in the 30's. I know... Susan don't quit your day job.

To sign up click here.

Both Rockford's Showplace 16 and Machesney Park's Showplace 14 are participating in this offer. To find other ACM Theatres click here.



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