This Sunday, the Bradley Center in Milwaukee will have its roof blown off.

I've talked about it many times. I enjoy going to concerts and sporting events in my spare time. I've gone to Milwaukee many times including the Bradley Center to attend some.

That arena was home to the NBA franchise, Milwaukee Bucks. A few years ago, the team decided they needed a new building. The dream became reality when the Fiserv Forum opened this past fall.

I thought the Bradley Center was a pretty good facility for its size but the new place is incredible. I recommend checking out a show or game there soon.

Right now, the two are sitting next to each other. There is no need for both, so the older one will be torn down. In fact, the destruction has already begun.

The next phase in the removal takes place this Sunday.

According to,

"Demolition experts on Sunday will finish the work promised by rockers Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and the Rolling Stones: Blow the roof off the Bradley Center."

Officials say it's not possible to implode the Bradley Center, so they have to take it down in steps.

"The process we're looking at is separating the roof from the structure itself. The explosives will detach the roof from the supporting pillars and the roof will collapse into the bowl. The goal is to lower the trusses down to a lower level, to a much safer level, so the workers aren't 100 feet off the ground trying to demo the roof structure"

How do they describe what will happen on Sunday?

"Demolition contractors have downplayed the drama. It won't be what you see in the movies. The roof work will produce a dust cloud and said workers will presoak the structure to keep the dust to a minimum. It will pretty much look the same as it does now but with no roof on it."

Sounds like it's not worth road tripping to Milwaukee to check it out. I'm so disappointed. I was hoping for a big deal like when they demo the big old casinos in Las Vegas.


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