As the weather gets warmer, we can finally get back to tending to our yards.

I'm not much of one for yard work, that's why I married a someone who loves to be outdoors! I'm no dummy.

Yard work is more than just picking up grass clippings, it's much more.

Mowing the grass
stoncelli, ThinkStock

One thing that set the City of Rockford apart from other towns is their collection of yard waste. It boggles my mind on how easily it is to have your yard waste removed each week.

In my town, each yard waste bag costs about $3 to put at the curb and there are only select days a year that you can put out yard waste. I'm extremely impressed with the Rockford waste system!

According to WTVO, yard waste collection from Rock River Disposal will begin on Monday.

Make sure your yard waste complies with the following guidelines:

  • Grass clippings, leaves and small branches are acceptable forms of yard waste for removal.
  • Yard waste should be out for collection at the same time as recyclables and garbage.
  • Yard waste should be in 2-ply biodegradable paper bags or normal garbage cans with a large 'X' on them.
  • If disposing of branches, they must not be larger than 4 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length. Branches must be bundled in 2 feet diameter bundles.
  • Make sure all bundles, bags or cans are less than 50 pounds.


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