The NBA regular season hasn't even started yet and this Rockford native is already a contender to win an NBA award.

If Auburn High School alumni, Fred VanVleet, stopped playing basketball today, the Forest City would still be very proud of him.

Last year was his first full season with the Toronto Raptors and he was nominated for the "NBA's 6th Man of the Year Award."

During the offseason, he signed a huge contract extension.

He also recently opened up his own store in downtown Rockford.

Now going into the 2018-2019 season, Fred's ability is already being recognized.

According to,

VanVleet is one of the top five contenders for the "NBA's 6th Man of the Year Award."

"Bench Mob" Guard Fred VanVleet, arguably the star of that unit and a Sixth Man of the Year candidate for 2017-18, re-signed with the Raptors in July after the 24-year-old improved his offensive statistics across the board during his second season. VanVleet has been called "the best bench player in the league." 

I can't wait to watch him play this season.

Let's Go Fred!

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