The 815 has some really cool content coming from Rockford's very own Fred VanVleet. Fred recently resigned his contract with the Toronto Raptors and his contract was actually the largest total value for any undrafted player in NBA history.

Fred's new contract was a resign with the Raptors for four years at an $85 million deal.

It's not just Rockford that's obsessed with Fred's journey. The love for Fred spreads far and wide!  His story is inspiring for young athletes everywhere. And how he handles his career now while also balancing family life is an inspiration for parents. Overall Fred is just a really easy guy to be a fan of. Now fans have something really cool to look forward to.




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I opened Insta and saw that and was like OMG! What does this mean? This post was reposted by Par-lay Sports Entertainment on Instagram and it looks like they're behind the documentary that's coming out on Fred.

The Instagram from that brand says -

The next bet. Full documentary coming soon.

I understand wanting to tease the documentary, but what does "soon" mean? Like, this is my mood about the announcement -

We need everything we can get to look forward to right now. When you go to the website for Par-lay, it's just two giant images on a home screen, one of those being Fred VanVleet. But other than that they just have a link to their social media and they give the option to email them.

So there's really not too many details out right now. But whenever "soon" is, we know it'll be worth the wait!

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