If you want to find ghosts in Rockford, Veterans Memorial Hall is a good place to start.

To go along with the season, I'm going to do a weekly series on my show called "Local Ghosthunters."

You can check it out Fridays during the month of October at 9am on Double T Mornings. There will also be a special edition on Halloween.

Each week, Dan Norvell from "The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project" will stop by to share his experiences at local haunts. During his visit, he will tell stories of area places that are known to be occupied by spirits.

Episode one features Veterans Memorial Hall in downtown Rockford. That building is famous for its paranormal encounters.

Here are some highlights...

Video: Finding Ghosts At Veterans Memorial Hall In Rockford

If you want to see full videos on their investigation, they are available on their YouTube channel... https://www.youtube.com/c/GhosthunterDanNorvellProject.

Here are some photos from "Vets Hall."

Veterans Memorial Hall courtsey of The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project

Just in case you missed the episode, here it is...

Video: Interview with Larry and Dan from The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project

For more about "The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project," go HERE.

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