Starved Rock State Park is another place to have possible communication with ghosts.

This week, Dan and Larry from The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project stop by to discuss "Starved Rock Murders at St. Louis Canyon."

Here's the background story.

"Three Chicago housewives, Mildred Lindquist, Lillian Oetting, and Frances Murphy, came to Starved Rock in March of 1960 to enjoy the hiking and winter scenery. Shortly after their arrival, they were noticed as missing.  A search and rescue operation discovered their bodies sometime later in St. Louis Canyon days after a blizzard had covered any tracks or evidence or wrongdoing."

About their investigation.

"The best story we have for Starved Rock, behind the ghastly history, is when Dan and a friend of ours were investigating the canyon and behind Dan (where there was solid rock) came a plea for help. Also, we want to point out that the canyon is fairly deep if you've never been to the bottom of it. Inside of the cave, we're under roughly 90 feet of limestone which makes it very difficult to get radio signals to our ghost box. I think that is why there is less radio chatter in the clips, but it begs the question if the radio signal is weaker then why are we getting voices to come through and why are they really clear?"

Check out this video clip from their visit.

Video: Talking To Ghosts At Starved Rock

Also, some photos.

The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project Starved Rock

Here's my interview with Dan and Larry about their findings at Starved Rock.

Video: Communicating with Spirits at Starved Rock State Park

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