For years, Bloods Point Road and Bridge have been considered haunted, but is it really?

Wrapping up my month long feature on ghosts in the Rock River Valley with Dan and Larry from The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project with a look at Bloods Point Road and Bridge.

Long considered haunted or could that just be a myth?

"Out of the dozens of times we've investigated Bloods Point Cemetery, we've never caught any evidence there."

Here's my interview with Larry and Dan.

Video: No Ghosts On Blood Points Road

Here's some background on that area from their website.

"Much like Bloods Point Cemetery, the road and bridge have urban legends attached to them. The most common ones to be heard for the road and bridge include handprints on your car, your car getting pushed to one side of the bridge, a school bus falling onto train tracks, and phantom hitchhikers. According to our research, no bus has ever gone off the bridge and the pitch of the bridge to allow for water runoff explains the rolling vehicles."

How about their research?

Video: Bloods Point Road Part 1! | Lifting The Veil: Haunted or Not?

"There's a bridge on Bloods Point Road where supposedly a bus went off the bridge and a bunch of kids died. As a result of this accident, it is said that if you stop on the bridge with your car in neutral it'll be pushed across. Tonight we set out to drive past this bridge and bring some light to this false urban legend."

Video: Bloodspoint Bridge! | Lifting the Veil - Haunted or Not?

"Ghosthunter Dan and Ghosthunter Larry stop by the famous bridge during the day to show how unlikely it is that a school bus stopped on the train tracks... 20 feet below!"

Video: Bloods Point Bridge 26 November 2012

"A short video shot on Bloodspoint Bridge. The bridge shares a common urban legend of children that push your vehicle off of the bridge if you stop on it. Legend says a school bus full of children were killed on the tracks, the reports have never been proven."

Video: Bloodspoint Bridge - Vlog #34

"Ghosthunter Dan stops by Bloodspoint Bridge to give his opinion on if there is a true haunting or just Urban legend."

What do you think?

There has been a lot of damage done to Bloods Point Cemetery during the years from amateur ghost hunters. The evidence shows there is no paranormal activity. Please respect the area and don't go. There's been restoration done, so let's make sure it stays in good shape.

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