Is it possible that Rockford's Fred VanVleet will be able to add United States Olympian to his resume?

The story of Fred VanVleet is such an inspiring one. Especially, for the kids growing up in the Rockford area. Not only has he come up with an incredible motto that everyone should not be afraid to live by. It's the phrase he's made famous, "Bet on Yourself." The best part is that he's actually lived his life that way. It's gotten him to where he is today. Anyone would be happy to trade places with him.

VanVleet had lots of success in his high school and college basketball careers. He worked hard to earn himself a spot on a pro hoops roster. Fred became an important member of the NBA Champion Toronto Raptors. He started his own clothing line. Recently, he signed a huge contract extension with his team.

It really is a dream come true. Is there anything left for him to accomplish? Of course, there is. This one would look great on the resume. A chance to make the U.S. Olympic Basketball team.

According to,

"Fred VanVleet has accomplished a lot in his basketball career. One of the few things missing from the Rockford native’s resume is an Olympic medal. Just maybe he’ll get a chance to win one this summer if the Olympics go off as scheduled in Tokyo."

He is one of sixty players being considered. Only twelve will make the team. Even though it seems like a longshot with players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant making up the roster, VanVleet has something going for him. He's a great team player and knows how to play a role. Also, when given the opportunity, he can lead and score.

Think about how cool it would be for a kid from Rockford, Illinois to play in the Olympics. That puts him in that same world as Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the Dream Team.

If he doesn't make the roster, that's okay because just being considered is a big deal. Good luck Fred. For some reason, I have a good feeling about it.

Video: Five Questions With Fred VanVleet

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