Just when you thought that 17-year-old car you bought from a rando on Facebook was good to go.

That's when the car catches on fire, and almost kills you and your family.

If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it was probably sold on Rockford Buy, Sell, Trade & Automobiles.

Someone was selling a 2000 Alero on the popular Facebook page, saying the "four-door black (car) does have high mileage in (and?) a flat tire brand new battery still have a receipt for sale 375."


Despite the flat tire, the car was sold but the customer who purchased that Rockford car was not happy saying, the owner "will take your money and then when the car you buy from her catches on fire and almost kills, you, your unborn child and boyfriend, she will have her niece and answer and say 'take her to court.'"

The angry customer must've decided against taking her to court because her Facebook post was deleted shortly after.

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