It's National Frankenstein Day and if he decided to visit Rockford, what would he do?

"National Frankenstein Day is held on the last Friday in October."

That makes October 27th, Frankenstein Friday.

I think maybe next year with some planning, we should invite Frankenstein to come hang out in Rockford for National Frankenstein Day.

What would Frankenstein do if he came to Rockford for a weekend?

Things Frankenstein would do in Rockford.

  • High School Football Game - He's a big guy, so he's probably a former football player. He would check out some NIC10 action.
  • Parks Big and Tall - He can't really buy clothes at a normal store and he has a very specific style, so this is a chance for him to get something nice.
  • Dental Dimensions - He can get his teeth fixed.
  • Culture Shock - So he can find a copy of Edgar Winter Group "Frankenstein" on Vinyl.
  • Beef A Roo - He has to try those cheddar fries.

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