Did you know that Rockford has a restaurant that's worth driving from Chicago for?

I mean, c'mon Chicago Eater. Chicago Eater put together a list of 12 restaurants that are outside of Chicago, the apparent food mecca of the entire universe, and said Abreo is worth the 60-70 minute drive from the Second City.

According to Chicago Eater, Abreo's "Chef Paul Sletten pushes boundaries with a rotating selection of seasonal small plates that draw inspiration from all over."

Don't get me wrong, I love that our city gets pub from other places but to name only one restaurant as worth the drive, is wholly inaccurate.

Nevertheless, Abreo's "duck nachos, pastrami pierogi, Tabasco shrimp" and "chicken crepe" offerings make taking a trip to Chicago for dinner, absolutely not "worth" the time.

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