Summer is here and some kids in Rockford need a meal.


There are a good amount of kids in our area that rely on school lunch for something to eat. Well summer is here, which leaves a bunch of hungry kids.

This local pastor understands the need for feeding kids in our area during the summer months. With no school food, sometimes there is NO food for these kids.

"We have passed over 425 bags now, our goal is 1,000". - Pastor Jermel Flannigan

We might take these type of things for granted. A brown bag with a sandwich and some chips. This might be these kids only decent meal for the day.

"We never know what they go through during closed doors, so I do think these meals or this lunch definitely kept some from stealing and picking up records at a young age". - Pastor Jermel Flannigan

Hats off to Pastor Flannigan on his mission to hand out 1000 lunches this summer to kids in need. If you would like to make a donation and help out with the pastor's mission you can do so at Jerusalem Baptist Church at 301 Klines Ave. in Rockford.

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