Let the outrage begin, Orange Hi-C is leaving McDonalds.

new mcpick 2 menu at mcdonalds
Chris McGrath, Getty Images

In a move that will effect McDonald's locations through out the stateline and beyond, the fast food giant is eliminating a popular beverage.

Orange Hi-C (yum) will be "phased out" at McDonald's locations beginning May 1st, with all locations losing it by July. They will sell the Orange Hi-C flavor until they run out, so you can stock up on it at Rockford locations until the very last drop. McDonald's is replacing Orange Hi-C with something I've never hear of, "Sprite TropicBerry".

I think the key thing here with this menu change is what they are keeping, not replacing. I don't think we will ever see the day that McDonald's will eliminate or replace Coca-Cola. Could you imagine the riots in the streets if McDonald's no longer has their famous fountain Coke?

This is borderline creepy, but here is the first ever McDonald's T.V. commercial.




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