Rockford Police squad cars are getting some new toys.

Police Car Lights

According to WREX new cameras are being added to some Rockford Police squad cars.

These cameras are special license plate readers, that can snap a pic and instantly run them through a data base.

The cameras pick up a license plate, push them through the computer system and instantaneously can find stolen vehicles - Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea

So take notice bad guys, the good guys are no to you. The Rockford Police can drive through parking lots, crowded streets, basically anywhere and instantly detect if there is a stolen car.

Where as an officer will be distracted typing in a license plate or calling one in on the radio, these are banging out hundreds of license plates as the officers drive around. - Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea


These images will be stored for 30 days, that way if any other problems surface locally, it can be addressed ASAP. New technology that keeps Rockford safer, I'm all about it. Thank you Chief O'Shea.

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