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After a year of...nothing. The climb back up to our "normal" has been exciting, and makes you miss what has been missing from our lives.

A couple weeks ago we talked about Illinois colleges planning in-person graduation ceremonies. Illinois State, U of I, Western, all planning graduation ceremonies. Now Rockford is stepping up and in-person graduations will happen! WREX 

This weekend Rockford University and Rock Valley College will host in-person ceremonies. Commencement for Rockford University will be this Saturday at Sam Greenly Field. The reason the graduation will be inside the football stadium for the first time, is to allow for social distancing. They will also do the graduation in two ceremonies at 10am and 3pm.

Rock Valley College will host graduation events at Starlight Theatre. The graduates will be able to walk the stage and receive their diploma (with family and friends taking tons of pictures of course) this will begin Friday at 1pm.

So happy to see the local graduates get their moment in the sun.

Let's go back to USC, class of 2017. O.K., that's pretty random...why that graduation ceremony? This is because they invited an amazing graduation speaker to cast out words of wisdom to the graduation class.

In 2017, Will Ferrell who is a USC Alumnus, spoke at the 134th commencement address at the University of Southern California. What would it be like to have this guy take to the stage to send you into the real world?

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