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Alek A. Montemayor was driving through Harvard, IL this past Friday, where he lives. An officer witnessed him driving erratically and pulled him over. What this officer found was like a scene out of a 1970's t.v. show.

During a vehicle search, police found LSD, pot, and $13,950 in cash. I guess I'm not to steeped in the whole drug world, but I was unaware that the LSD thing, was still a thing...The amount of LSD this dude had was insane too. WREX

Alek A. Montemayor had 897 tabs of LSD. Holy trippin' your butt off, Alek!

So I had to look this up, because I needed to know what type of penalty that comes with. From ChicagosBestDefense if you possess between 600 and 1500 tabs of LSD, that is a Class X Felony that is punishable by 12 to 50 years in prison. Not to mention the fella had weed and almost $14,000 in cash on him.

Here is one on my favorite LSD stories, as If I have a bunch...I don't. June 12th 1970, Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Doc Ellis threw a no-hitter on LSD. The animated story is hilarious....

"The opposing team and my team knew I was high, but they didn't know what I was high on." - Doc Ellis

One of the best parts not included in this, Doc was still tripping the following day on LSD and showed up at the ballpark ready to pitch. A team employee had to tell him that he pitched the day before, and it was a no-hitter.

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