In my soon-to-be award winning series of Rock 'n Roll A - Z in honor of this weekend's tear through the rock alphabet. We covered Allegiance to Groupie. There will not be a test later, so just kick back and let your eyes do the viewing.

Rock 'n Roll H - P

  • 'H' is for Hair. The Beatles invented hair in 1964 and it's been getting longer ever since. From outrageously offensive shaggy Beatle cuts to mohawks to reverse mohawks, hair is very rock 'n roll.
  • 'I' is for Insane Stage Dives
  • 'J' is for jams. Rock started out with two to three minute songs that featured a verse/chorus/verse/chorus format. Then things expanded in the sixties. Today, some jams last for weeks. One band that always delivers a tasty jam is the Allman Brothers Band. Whether it's Duane, Dickie, Warren or Derek, you're gonna have a good time.
  • 'K' is for Kick Out the Jams M---------- (NSFW video)
  • 'L' is for Loud volume. See above and crank to 11.
  • 'M' is for Mic Tossing. I bet you thought I was going to say midget tossing, didn't you?
  • 'N' is for Not doing this:
  • 'O' is for Oh Yeah. Nothing says you have nothing to say like an Oh Yeah. But every great rock tune has one.
  • 'P' is for Parking Lot. Tailgating at a big rock show can be the start of a great weekend. In recent years, the 'Man' has cracked down quite a bit on parking lot shenanigans, but some of the best times were in parking lots. There was the 'Toxic Avenger' in the parking lot of Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. I was there for a Grateful Dead show and there was some bizarre little fighter jet looking thing parked and it was spray painted Toxic Avenger. I'm sure I have the picture in a box somewhere. Those Dead show parking lot party were rightfully legendary.

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