Is it just me or has the world become a very strange place in how people behave in public, a recent incident in Illinois is the perfect example.

Illinois Strip Mall Parking Lots Are The Worst

I don't go shopping very often and it's not because I don't like it. I'm really just trying to avoid any and all strip mall parking lots, especially in Illinois. It's like as soon as someone pulls into one, they forget how to drive correctly. I seriously think they believe it's a demolition derby. Someone crashed into my car in a store lot just a couple of months ago. It's just pure chaos.

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Issue At Illinois Strip Mall Parking Lot

Just when you thought a strip mall parking lot in Illinois couldn't get any worse, then something else strange happened. This incident occurred near Route 83 in Elmhurst where Kohl's is the anchor store. My mom lives right by there so I'm familiar with the area. That lot is completely insane without any problems.

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Human Road Block At Illinois Parking Lot

A couple of days ago, when cars were trying to navigate through this strip mall parking lot, traffic was stopped cold in its tracks. Apparently, a group of people thought it would be a good idea to start a human roadblock and not let any vehicles pass. They were lined up in the crosswalk.

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If someone honked their horn at these crazy protesters, they would come over to the car and hit it. That would really make me angry. Vehicles are not cheap and hard enough to keep nice without some freak banging on them. The local police were called but of course, the road blockers denied everything.

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