So, one of the reasons we love weekend mornings is because they tend to be less fraught with the heavy to-do list(s) we find ourselves tasked with on a daily basis. Not to say that there aren't practices and functions on the weekend. But even still, there's something a bit more easy-going about weekend mornings. Perhaps that's why Lionel Ritchie crooning "easy like Sunday morning" seems to ring true.

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Although for most of us, taking it easy on weekend mornings isn't usually an options in our frantic daily schedules, I'd like to make a case for at least giving yourself enough time to make your mornings a bit more--sacred.

In the mornings, we tend to be most ourselves. Granted, it may take a cup of coffee or six before we feel that way. But, after a good night's sleep and before the day takes hold of us, there's a stillness and clarity available to us--if we claim it.

It doesn't have to be long. What if you just woke up 20 to 30 minutes earlier? To exercise frantically or get a head start on the daily activities. No. Just. To be. You can pray or meditate (recommend), read a chapter of a book that helps you get in a good frame of mind, or just sit outside in the cool morning hour and enjoy watching the world come to life. It's amazing just watching the natural world. It always reminds me that no matter the craziness we're surrounded with in our human lives, there's a much bigger world. It's a great way to get a renewed perspective. Protect your mornings, as if your happiness and sense of calm depended on it.

I agree getting out of bed earlier can be quite a challenge. But, as someone who tends toward being a night owl, I can assure that making this a part of your daily routine will set an entirely different tone for your day. When it is time to dig in to the daily grind, you'll feel calmer and less behind.

There's something about knowing that you gave yourself this time that makes you feel you've cared for yourself. And as more studies confirm on a regular basis, the better you take care of yourself, the better you can care for others.

Try it. Give it at least 21 days or so.

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