A person in Illinois claims to have seen an alligator in a lake.

Stories like this pop up now and then. Someone thought they saw something strange. In this case, it's an alligator. Of course, they aren't usually found in our area. Most of the time, nothing is discovered. It makes for a funny tale, but not taken seriously. Especially, one in Illinois.

Well, until last summer. Remember, "Chance the Snapper?" The gator found in a pond in Chicago. Now, when a report like this comes up, the authorities can't just brush it off..

According to dailyherald.com,

"He spotted an object with a head as big as his forearm, it reminded him of an alligator he saw when he visited Hilton Head, South Carolina. His head popped out of the water. The head was from my elbow to my wrist. When he brought his cast back, the animal started to turn toward him. It was about 20 feet away from him on the shore. In a split of a second I yelled at him and then he went under and took off toward that open lake."

After investigation, no alligator was found. According to officials, the lake is home to many snapping turtles.

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