We will probably squeeze in a few more eighty degree days this year, not too many though...Let's see if we can find you a nice, clean body of water to enjoy.

Lake Le Aqua Na in Lena, IL is 47 minutes away from Rockford and according to ONLY is the lake with the cleanest water in all of Illinois. Whether you want to swim or take a boat out, the water at Lake Le Aqua Na, will be the cleanest you will find.

This is a man made lake with a filtration system that keeps the water crystal clear. This 40 acre lake has a sandy beach, fishing, surrounding trails, and a spot just for the kids to fish.

Finding a peaceful, clean, and relaxing spot as 2020 wraps up isn't a bad idea. Cleaner and better days are ahead, so dip your toes, cast off, or just go find that inner peace at Lake Le Aqua Na in Lena, it's close by!


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