Elgin is home to another new drive-in movie not too far from Rockford.

With a lot of summer festivities canceled or postponed, I think the whole key is keeping busy but safe. Being outside with social distancing is what I'm looking for. I think going to a drive-in movie is a good option.

Last weekend, I took my family to the one around Dixon. We had a great time. We'll definitely do it again.

There are several locations not far from Rockford besides Dixon including McHenry, Monroe, Hoffman Estates, and more.

Now, another one has been just announced.

According to dailyherald.com,

"Marcus Cinema in Elgin will show drive-in double features from its parking lot beginning Friday and continuing through the summer."

I think this is an awesome trend that I hope does well and continues. I wish someone would do it in Rockford.

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