Please help this Rockford family find their dog because it went missing after a car accident.

I'm so happy that I grew up with pets Now, I have them with my own family. They become a big part of our lives. Really like our best friends. We spoil dogs and cats like children. Their personalities bring happiness. When something happens to them, it makes us sad. Losing one hurts very much. The pain, when a pet goes missing, is so awful. We do everything to protect them but sometimes it's beyond our control.

A heartbroken family in Rockford is asking for our help. After a car accident, their poor puppy was so scared it took off and is now missing. No one should have to go through that. Imagine going through an accident that's hard enough, Then add losing your dog. That's just horrible. Let's all keep an eye out.

Here's more info...

If you see her, please contact the owners.

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