I received a message last night from a friend, about a dog that has gone missing in Love Park. Here's the story and the details, PLEASE SHARE AND HELP FIND SAMMY!

I am pretty sick to my stomach right now friends. Little Sammy is missing. He and Maui busted out of the deck and Sammy is gone. This is unusual. The two of them will play for hours in the yard and he DOES NOT RUN AWAY. Maui was shaking on the deck and panting. Sammy is gone. I fear someone picked him up. Please please pray that if he was picked up it was with good intentions and please share this.


Name: Sammy
Breed: Mastiff/Great Pyrenees 
Weight: 50lbs
Collar: Light Blue

Lost in Loves Park near Nimtz Rd

If you have seen Sammy or know ANYTHING about where he might be, contact Trina at  779-208-6668

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