Tuesday afternoon there was a two-car collision that happened at the intersection of Perryville and Rote roads. It caused one car to roll over and sent all three people involved to the hospital for minor injuries.

One of the parties involved had their dog with them at the time of the accident, and it has been missing ever since.


Eyewitness News reported that Amanda Kempke's husband Will was one of the people involved in Tuesday's accident, and their dog Marcy was with him when it happened.

She bolted from the car at the time of the accident and the family is asking for help in finding her.

Marcy is a white and tan pit bull. She is most likely scared and confused so please don't attempt to call or chase her, this will only cause her to run away out of fear.

She is chipped and is wearing a blue and purple cheetah print collar.

If you do see Marcy please call 815-670-7906.


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