A man in Madison, Wisconsin got in a car accident and to avoid trouble he pretended to be a jogger after leaving the scene.

I don't understand how people think they can take off after a wreck to not get in trouble.

It's pretty easy for the police to find out who owns the vehicle.

I have to give an "A for effort."

According to yahoo.com,

"Police say a 19-year-old man flipped his car in Madison, Wisconsin, then fled the scene, removed some clothes and pretended to be a jogger unconnected to the wreck."

The driver was trying to make a lane change, ended up hitting a curb to avoid hitting someone and flipped his vehicle.

Maybe, he was afraid to face his parents after the incident, but he decided to take off. He went in disguise by removing some of his clothes and acted like a jogger.

The police stopped him and he pretended to not know what was going on.

"Officers ticketed the man for failure to have control, hit and run and operating after revocation. Police say tests showed the man wasn't impaired."

He would have better off sticking around.

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