This seems super far fetched, but it is a real thing.



Just in time for the NCAA Tournnament, Pizza Hit has debuted "Pie Tops" sneakers. By the push oh a button, on your shoes you can order a pizza.

According to UPROXX The handmade "Pie Tops"  sneakers are limited edition with only 64 made. A majority of the 64 will go to big shooters, but a limited amount will become available.

So picture this, you are sitting at work listening to The Eagle and your co-workers say "Hey Joe hit up Pizza Hut on 11th Street and get us a large sausage pizza". You reach down and push a button on your shoes, and it's done. No calling, no online ordering, a button on your shoes.

The technology on this is a little sketchy, but Pizza Hut is damn serious about their "Pie Tops" shoes. They actually don't look too bad, not that I would wear them...unless I was hungry.


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