Wisconsin sure does have more than enough drunk driving arrests stories to keep us all entertained, it seems like it won't be ending any time soon either.

Teenager drinking beer
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Had "Wisconsin" been omitted from this article the assumption that is happened in Florida would be a fair argument but, alas, this gem comes straight from America's dairyland.

Long Night or Early Start?

This isn't a weekend-gone-wrong story, either. In fact, this happened midweek, do we assume someone was having a bad week?

Again, either someone had a late night on a Wednesday or an aggressive drinking morning on Thursday.


That's police talk for an intoxicated driver but this guy wasn't driving a typical street-legal vehicle.


Somehow this 37-year-old man managed to steal a skid-steer loader, similar to the one pictured above, and go on a joy ride, allegedly.

(Remember, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.)

This led to a police chase, a slow police chase.


Up in the Appleton, Wisconsin area, according to a local news report, the incident happened at 8 a.m.

The Appleton and Grand Chute Police departments followed the stolen skid-steer around 8 a.m. as it traveled down various city streets, eventually turning onto railroad tracks.

"How do you know he was going so slow?", you might be wondering. You're soon about to find out.

The suspect is meandering around a neighborhood, decides to follow some train tracks (because that's safe?), and eventually takes a new route, through a field.

Plot Twist

Yup, he got caught and it reads as though the officer(s) was on foot.

The suspect later got off the railroad tracks and into a field behind a series of homes. There, officers were able to approach, remove the suspect from the skid-steer and arrest him.

The man was arrested for eluding/fleeing police and an OWI (operating while intoxicated). Oh, and guess what? This is his fourth OWI.

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