Before I start, let me be very clear about something...I don't give a 💩 about whether you choose to wear, or not wear a facemask in public.

I do however give a  BIG 💩 about kids bullying other kids over their family's mask decision.

PLEASE don't be a part of this ever-growing problem.

'Mask Checking' Is Becoming a Big Problem in Illinois Schools

This morning I received a notice from my daughters' school district saying they are going 'mask-optional' effective today, which I am fine with, it allows each student and family to make the decision they are most comfortable with. Then I read an article on a few minutes later that really got my feathers ruffled, particularly the part about 'mask checking'.

What is 'mask checking' you ask? Basically, it's when students who are not wearing a mask rip the mask off the faces of the ones who are. THIS IS NOT OKAY!

Sadly, there are always going to be bullies in life and in our schools, I get that, but I can't help but feel this particular mask-directed form of bullying truly stems from parents' attitudes about masks. By that I mean, parents pushing their mask agenda on their children who might not be of the age to form their own opinions on the issue.

Kevin Polky of KP Counseling in Rockford recently told WIFR;

this started as a response to political differences, instead of power dynamics associated with popularity for children.

“We have young individuals that may not even understand what’s going on, but they’re repeating what they’ve heard

I'm not saying all parents are intentionally pushing their facemask feelings on their children, but I am saying children hear everything. If you want your kids to form their own opinions about things, pay better mind to what you say and where you say it.

PLEASE don't give younger generations any more reasons to be unkind to others, we have enough of that mess happening throughout our world already.

Don't be a part of the problem.

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