The 3rd Thursday of every April is "National High Five Day".

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

Who knew this was "National High Five Day"? This is a day that I could go "up high" for.

Ironically I had an awkward moment just the other day where I "High Fived" someone for the first time, that I've known for years. Perhaps if he would have done it today, it wouldn't have been so awkward.

This was an incredibly hard list to come up with, but here it is. Here are the Top 10 Rockford People I Want a High Five From:

  • Mayor Tom Mcnamara
  • James Purifoy
  • Kevin McCarthy
  • Pool Shaffer
  • Candice King
  • Brian Karcz
  • Dan O'Shea
  • Steph (Not Double T)
  • Erica Smith
  • Midday Michelle



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