By a show of hands, who is sick of this horse sugar weather we've been having?

I blame Mother Nature. Can someone please give that woman a Snickers bar? She is just not herself when she's hungry.

Truthfully, it's really not her fault. It's also not Punxsutawney Phil's, Mark Henderson's, Candace King's, Aaron Wilson's, Alex Kirchner's, Viki Knapp's or Tony Smith's.

According to WREX, it's Brent Murray's. The owner of the Dairyhause fessed up on  Facebook live Wednesday, revealing that it was him who captured the Yeti at Rockton's Yeti Fest, resulting in one of the longest winters in stateline history. (I don't have numbers to back that up by the way, it just really feels like it.)

Now that the Yeti has been released back into the wild, many Stateliners are hoping that we'll finally start to see nicer, warmer weather; and maybe get a new ice cream flavor out of it.

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