"Mr. Dairyhaus" Brent Murray is asking for a little "light" help.

Photo - Brent Murray
Photo - Brent Murray

He serves us amazing ice cream, so let's see if we can help this guy out in return:

Looking for a bit of help. The Dairyhäus lobby lights are these cloth umbrellas and have hung in the shop for 35 years. I love the lights, but the cloth is faded, stained, and some of the spindles are bent. I've searched for a few years for a similar replacement, but I'm fairly certain they were DIY when the shop was originally constructed. It looks to me like someone found a 30"x 15" cloth umbrella/parasol, removed the handle post, and ran electrical wire through, terminating in a bulb fixture. So far, I've come up empty handed finding a red cloth umbrella matching similar dimensions. It's tough when you're replacing something with such history; I don't like deviating from an exact match. If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears! Thanks!


If you have any leads, click this DAIRYHAUS to contact Brent and the Dairyhaus staff.

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