This summer there will be pop up dinners featuring marijuana-infused gourmet food happening in Chicago thanks to a California based chef.

Chef Manny Mendoza was born and raised in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. He attended culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Mendoza moved to California where he learned how to cook with marijuana as an ingredient.

I'm not talking about pot brownies. He was creating gourmet meals infused with weed. The chef was hosting very successful Cannabis pop up dinners in San Diego, so it's time to bring the show back home to the Windy City.

According to,

"Last year, with an eye on the political appetite for recreational legalization that's been steadily growing in Illinois, he decided it was time to bring Herbal Notes there. December's dinner, titled Windy City High, was his way of testing the waters and the $125 six-course dinner sold out almost instantly."

Manny teamed up and trained some of the best chefs from famous restaurants in Chicago to create the gourmet menus.

"Mendoza's opened these dinners up to anyone, no medical card required, in an effort to widen and drum up support for recreational legalization. You'll have more chances to try his food this summer, provided you have a medical marijuana card; he plans to hold at least one series in Chicago every month. If not, he's banking that one day soon you won't need one."

He's done events for both with or without medical cards. If you're interested in attending, I suggest joining his email list. To sign up

If and when recreational marijuana is legalized in Illinois, Chef Manny is going to be way ahead of the game.


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