Legal sports gambling could be coming to Illinois if the new Governor has his way.

It's a new year with a new Governor and a new state budget. That also means new taxes to pay for it.

Is it just me or does it seem like anytime I look at Social Media or turn on the news, I see a different way the state of Illinois is going to tax me?

I just want to yell out loud, "MAKE IT STOP!" I'm taxed out. I can't afford to have more money taken out of my check.

J.B. Pritzker has a couple of ideas that could help our financially strapped state.

He's already talked about legalizing marijuana. Great idea, I'm all in for that.

Does he have anything else?

According to,

"Pritzker also wants to legalize recreational marijuana and sports betting, saying the move would raise more than $1 billion in revenue."

Now, that's something new, sports betting. I love it. Make it happen.

People are going to smoke pot and gamble, so let's take advantage of that. It's much better than taxing me more.

What do you think?


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