Illinois won't be ready for sports betting before the NFL season starts this year.

Another big change in Illinois is an expansion for gambling. Not only does this mean a casino is coming to Rockford, but there will also be sports gambling coming to the state too.

If you were looking forward to betting on football this season, I've got some bad news for you.

According to,

"Even though the state’s massive gaming expansion was signed into law over six weeks ago, the Illinois Gaming Board still has to draft hundreds of rules governing application and oversight procedures that aren’t spelled out in the law. And while state lawmakers initially said they thought sports betting could launch in Illinois in time for the NFL kickoff in September or at least by the Super Bowl in February, there’s no rollout in sight. Regulators have yet to set a timeline for a sports betting."

Looks like you'll just have to keep talking to your "buddy" until it all gets figured out.

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