There is no feeling like getting up early and greeting the sunrise as you head out for a long road trip. For me, the less planning the better. The crowning touch to any long haul is the proper soundtrack. Songs about the road are best enjoyed while on the road.

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  • 1

    Derek & the Dominoes 'Key to the Highway'

    This song will carry you for about ten miles on the open highway. Producer Tom Dowd heard Eric Clapton and Duane Allman beginning a jam and ordered his engineer to 'start the ******* tape!'

  • 2

    Grateful Dead 'Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad'

    I could make this list of my top fifty favorite Dead road songs. But I won't.

  • 3

    Neil Young 'Thrasher'

    Everyone has thought about 'burning their credit card for fuel.' As the wheels spin in your head as you drive, this song takes you back to places in your life that maybe were forgotten. Neil brought this back into his live sets earlier in 2014 for the first time in thirty-six years.

  • 4

    Bob Dylan 'Brownsville Girl'

    One of the great things about road tripping is having the time to listen to longer songs. They stretch out before you like the open highway that lies ahead. In this tune, Dylan roams from the Rockies to Mexico to places he will never see again with people he'll never forget.

  • 5

    Tom Waits 'Wrong Side of the Road'

    Sometimes you do stuff on a long trek you wouldn't normally do around your hometown.

  • 6

    Bruce Springsteen 'State Trooper'

    If Jesse James drove a car, this is the sort of song he would hum in his head.

  • 7

    The Band w/Paul Butterfield 'Mystery Train'

    Who doesn't like to race the train as you drive parallel to the tracks? I rode on the California Zephyr once between Chicago and western Colorado. Craziest two days spent with strangers ever. But when you're baby is leaving on the last train out of town, there's nothing lonelier. The Band nails it during their final show in The Last Waltz.

  • 8

    Neil Young 'Albuquerque'

    This comes from what is perhaps Neil's darkest album, 'Tonight's the Night.' The whole thing sounds like it was recorded inside a bottle, which it was. The musicians notoriously downed tequila throughout these sessions from 1973. Not released until two years later, Neil's blood brother Ben Keith plays a pedal steel guitar that's cuts through.

  • 9

    Tom Waits 'Goin' Out West'

    If you're heading towards where the sun sets in the sky, you should crank this one up. Don't mess with Tom! He knows karate and voodoo too.

  • 10

    Allman Brothers Band 'Southboud'

    I bet you thought I was going to say 'Ramblin' Man', didn't you? Whether you are heading north, south, east or west you should always keep this one handy for your long drive. Enjoy this encore from the band's performance at the Chicago Theater in August 2013. I sat with Eagle listeners at this concert. Gregg even took a pic with one of them before the show.

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