Rockford Rocked, Facebook
Rockford Rocked, Facebook

I loved the Mongolian beef lunch special at Royal Dragon. Extra spicy. I would imagine if this is what Gengis Khan at before going into battle. If I were banished to a remote island and could only eat one thing in the world it would be that dish. I'm not kidding. I would buy it fancy gifts and pay it's bills, if it were a lady. I would marry the meal if I could and take on it's last name. Yup, I was whipped.

I ate that for lunch at least twice a week for years. Right up until it closed in October 2011. In fact, I had lunch there every day the last week it was open. The lovely lady who was in charge got to know my name and my order just by the sound of my voice when I would call it in. She was friendly, but all business. On their final day I asked her if I could get the recipe. Explaining my bizarre infatuation with an edible piece of heaven that cost a measly $5.68. She looked at me like anyone should have; like I was a lunatic. She politely told me that they may put it on the internet someday. That's the long way of saying, "No, now leave before I call the police".

And yes, I ordered that so often that even three years later I remember the exact price.

What stateline restaurant do you miss the most? Let me know in the comments below.


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