If you like spicy food, here are five places you should definitely check out in Rockford.

You really need a special mentality to enjoy spicy food. My Dad is a huge fan of it. The spicier, the better. I enjoy a little heat, but not the stuff that sets your mouth on fire.

I know my friends who enjoy hot food will seek it out. It's kind of like a challenge to find the spiciest food and see if your mouth can survive.

Rockford has some great restaurants that bring the heat when it comes to spicy food.

If you are ready to take the challenge, here are some places to check out.

Here are 5 places in Rockford to get spicy food.

  • Thai Hut Restaurant - 1441 Sandy Hollow Rd. in Rockford. Thai food is traditionally hot. Even their mild food has a kick.
  • India House - 6430 E. Riverside Blvd. in Loves Park. When you start adding curry to the mix, you better be ready for some heat.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings - 6275 E. State St. in Rockford. They have a thing called the "Blazin' Wing Challenge." Do you have what it takes?
  • Smokehouse Bar-B-Que - 432 Harrison Ave. in Rockford. If you want some spicy food, it's hard to beat good old fashion barbeque.
  • Dos Reales Mexican Restaurant - 5855 E. State St. in Rockford. When I think of hot peppers, the first things that comes to mind is Mexican food.

Have fun taking The Eagle spicy food challenge.

Where do you like to get spicy food?

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