Throughout Winnebago County lots of roadways definitely need repair. Between the horrible winter we had along with everything else, there are basically craters in the road all over the place. The road crews have done quite a bit of pothole filling this year but more  is needed. At the end of the day though, its all about the money.

According to, Winnebago County will receive most of its needed road repairs but it will have to wait until 2022. Currently, the Winnebago County board is dealing with an outstanding bond issue. Once its paid off in 2022, that will mean much more money for the needed repairs. But for now, money is running low for repairs and when talking about road reconstruction we're looking at millions of dollars per mile. Winnebago County Highway Engineer, Joseph Vanderwerff wants to take the current funding left to repair roads, while also placing them into 5 different categories for construction needs.

Vanderwerff seems confident that they can address the first 4 categories but number 5 might have to wait until 2022. In case you're wondering, Riverside at Alpine and Forest Hill intersections are in the 5th category and they would need federal assistance to get them reconstructed.


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