Chicago will have 2,500 electric scooters available for rent.

Do you remember the great "Lime Bike" experiment in Rockford last summer?

Of course, Chicago is a much bigger city, so they are going to take it to the next level this year.

According to,

"Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration on Tuesday chose 10 companies to run a four-month, 2,500 electric scooter pilot and launched a quickie education plan to persuade Chicago residents and visitors to abide by the rules of the road."

You can think about it in two ways. One, you can avoid city traffic or two, you're going to be riding a scooter around that same traffic. Which danger would you prefer to face?

For the four-month trial period, they will be free to rent.

It will work like the "Lime Bikes." There will be an app to use one. They will have an option for users without smartphones.

The city will have rules and regulations in place for rental companies and riders.

Maybe, you'll want to check it out on your next visit to the Windy City.

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