A Walgreen's in Illinois was robbed twice in ten minutes by the same thief.

It's bad enough for someone to steal items from a business once, but when they return to the scene of the crime to do it again, that's just adding insult to injury.

According to pjstar.com,

"An unknown man went into a Peoria-area Walgreen’s twice within 10 minutes and stole 13 bottles of liquor by hiding them in his pants."

Yes, you read it correctly. Twice. In ten minutes.

"The man walked into the Walgreen’s and went immediately to the liquor aisle. Once there, he put five bottles of Jose Cuervo and Captain Morgan’s into his jeans, grabbed a few small items and walked to the counter. He didn’t pay for his small items and walked out of the store with the hidden liquor."

"A few minutes later, he walked back into the store, went right back to the liquor section. This time, he put four bottles into a backpack and hid four more bottles in his jeans. He walked out of the store again without paying."

This guy is either really brave or not very smart.

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