Are you from the smartest state in the U.S.?

Well, if you were born in Illinois, the answer is no. But, we aren't too low on the list.

The Washington Post developed the list that BroBible reported, and Illinois is the 15th smartest state in the country. I'll take it!

The list was created based on these four factors:

  1. IQ, as estimated by Virginia Commonwealth's Michael McDaniel in 2006
  2. 2015 SAT scores, compiled by The Post
  3. 2015 ACT scores, via the company that administers the tests
  4. The percentage of college graduates in the state, compiled by the Census Bureau

So we're basing this stuff mostly on the current teen and twenty somethings, but still Illinois is doing pretty well. Wisconsin fellows, you guys came in fifth place!

The smartest state is Massachusetts, and the dumbest is Hawaii. So maybe don't plan to raise any kids in the Hawaiian sun, but, we can still visit there.

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