Next time your mom tells you to try online dating and you don't want to, show her this map.

Dating in 2017 is not the same as dating was in 1987... or 1997... or even 2007, it's weird, it's messy and it's mostly via the Internet.

We do it because it's easy, and it's the where dating is going, but turns out it's not very safe to do in Illinois.

Safewise and, ranked the safest states for online dating and Illinois came in 33rd out of 51(all of the states plus Washington D.C.).

33! That's a pretty sketchy spot to come in, Illinois! The ranking is based on the rate of violent crime and STDs in the states. Yikes, Illinois, get yourself together a little more please.

According to the map, it's generally safer to date online in the Northern states than the Southern ones... of course minus Illinois and New York.

The safest state to online date in is Vermont and the most dangerous "state" is Washington D.C.  (Side note, does anyone else think Washington D.C. should just be a state already?)

So basically we need to be very careful on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and the like, or maybe just move. Iowa is nearby and safely comes in at number 14.

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