I'm pretty excited about this!! Who doesn't love gelato!!

Steph - TSM Rockford

Not sure what gelato is? I tell my girls it's ice cream for adults, but that's just so I don't have to share it with them. According to the internet, gelato is an Italian ice cream. It's made with a milk, cream, and sugar base. It is flavored with fruit and nut purees, along with other flavorings. Gelato is other lower in fat than other types of ice creams. So if you're still holding down your New Year's resolution, this is the treat for you. It's delicious, that's all you really need to know.

Carambola Gelato and Coffee Shop is currently revamping their new location, which is 401 E Riverside Blvd. in Loves Park. I just drove by there on Sunday and the sign out front says that they are hiring as well. It also states their Facebook page is the best to get information on the upcoming business.

No word yet as to an official open date, but I drive by it enough to keep you posted.

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