Check out this heartwarming story about George Halas that most fans have never heard.

If you're not familiar with George Halas. He was one of the "Founding Fathers" of the NFL. He was also the owner of the Chicago Bears.

Mr. Halas had quite a reputation. He was known as rough and tough. Also, being frugal with his money. That's a polite way of saying cheap.

That's what makes this story even more incredible.

Brian Piccolo was a player for the team. Unfortunately, while on the Bears, he died of cancer. He wasn't a star player, so he didn't make a lot of money. He left a wife, children, mortgage, and bills behind. His family was concerned about what would happen to them.

Well, George was there to help.

According to,

"It was Halas who paid for all of Brian's medical bills and the family's peripheral expenses, Halas who honored the remainder of Piccolo's contract, Halas who paid for the funeral, and Halas who set up college funds for Lori, Traci, and Kristi. Halas even had a hand in making sure Joy kept her house. She had a mortgage with American National Bank, but was told the loan would not be honored because she didn't have a regular income. It turns out Halas was on the bank's board of directors and he pulled a few strings."

I love to hear stories like this one about people who do generous acts and don't want publicity for it. Maybe, Papa bear wasn't as crude as people thought.

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