By collecting the most garbage on the Rock River, you can win a gift card.

Last weekend, I met a friend at Prairie Street in downtown Rockford for lunch. We sat out on the dock. It was a perfect day. Great weather with a beautiful view. We are so lucky to have such an awesome resource in our town. Especially, in the summer. People really enjoy the Rock River. There were boats, folks walking along the banks, and people fishing.

We all have to do our part to protect it. Now, it's the time of year for some spring cleaning. Plus, this year you have a chance to win a prize.

According to,

"The ‘Rock River Basin Ball Litter Haul’ challenge, asking community members along all 320 miles of the river to collect trash–logging what they find using the ‘Litterati‘ app. You just take a picture real quick of the item and it will register where it was located and what actually the item was. The challenge runs now until June 28th. Residents that collect the most litter will win a gift card–but everyone will enjoy the prize of a clean watershed."

It sounds like an incredible idea for our community.

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