Here's how to make the ultimate fort out of blankets.

Video games are great. You don't even have to be in the same place with your friends to play together. That's pretty cool technology.

There's only one problem. Kids are missing out on a right of passage for them. It's the sleepover. They were so much fun. My friends and I would stay at each other's houses all the time. We would stay up all night, watch scary movies, and eat lots of pizza. Nowadays, children barely go over to their friend's house let alone have a slumber party.

When I was younger, one activity that we always did was build forts. We could come up with some really original ideas. I remember one time, we made my buddy's entire room into a fortress. It was awesome. Well, until his mom figured out we used all the sheets and blankets in the house.

Maybe, kids today just need a little help in the fort building world, Luckily, they have the internet to help. A big thanks to Ikea for stepping up with the information.

According to,

"Assembly requires no special tools or parts, but household items that are already classic staples of blanket fort history. Because it's IKEA, no blanket fort is simply a "blanket fort": There are instructions for six architectural variations called Cåstle, Cåve, Cåmping tent, Förtress, Höuse, and Wigwåm."

Now, that's some useful information on social media.

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