Now you can chow down on as many Swedish Meatballs as you want, for two days only.

Together, we eat. Now throw a hashtag in there like this: #TogetherWeEat. Perfect.

Workers Prepare The World's Second Largest IKEA Store Opening In Beijing
Guang Niu, Getty Images

That's what IKEA will be doing with their food truck. Yes, IKEA the store with the furniture you have to build yourself. They have a food truck and it's coming to Chicago for only two days.

If you miss the truck in Chicago, you could travel to Brooklyn... but why bother. Chicago is so much closer.

This weekend is Chicago's Wicker Park Festival, where IKEA's new #TogetherWeEat food truck will be.

Here you can dine on already made (leave your screw-driver and hammer at home) tasty bites.

Best part, you can try their three different offerings for FREE!

IKEA will be serving three different Meatball Bites including:

Buffalo Chicken Bites: Our IKEA chicken meatball, topped with a cube of creamy bleu cheese and drizzled in buffalo sauce for a spicy and tangy finish.


Veggie California Stack: Our IKEA vegetable ball, served with a slice of pickled ginger and avocado, and a dollop of wasabi vegannaise to add some heat.


Kottbullar: Our classic IKEA meatball, with a touch of lingonberry jam to complement the savory with sweet.


Sounds tasty doesn't it?

I'm just happy to hear they aren't serving the All-Black 'Ninja' Hot Dog on their food truck. It sure looks gross! Haven't seen it, check it out below:

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